Saturday, February 8, 2014

Attention all MODEST tankini wearing beauties!!

I found this blogpost on pinterest,
I don't know how easy it is cause I'm not much of a sewer.
My grandma promised to help me on this one.
But if it works and its not too complicated I will post another blogpost of our ending results and if we have any good tips to share.
But I was just so excited about this idea I had to share it with you guys immediately!
If any of you decide to try it too let me know how it goes :)

So here's the idea:
Find a cheap cute bikini you like... yup thats right I said bikini or if you're like me and have some bikinis sitting in a drawer that you never use now, grab one of those!
I don't know how big of a problem this has been for others, but for me... finding a cute tankini that I like that's not a bajillion dollars is near impossible!
However, there is always so many cute bikini options for cheap (not fair).
Well here is a new option for you!!! -->>>
So I don't really love the color combination they used here... 
But the idea is genius!! 
Change your bikinis into tankinis.
Here's the blog link with the step by step directions:

Just another option for all you pretty girls out there rockin' tankinis :)

Yours Truly,
Modest is Hottest Promoter