Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Recent Obsessions

1. Kya--our dog 

Why? Well look at her, she's so stinkin cute! But really all Michael and I take pictures of anymore is her haha She's the only animal I know to have so much personality! I take her everywhere, even on bike rides (see picture). Michael and I want to pursue our careers before having children so this is our baby and probably will be for a good amount of time. I LOVE HER.

2. Speech Pathology
All I think, dream & study seems to be speech related. As people talk to me sometimes I find myself just watching their mouth making sure they articulate everything correctly. I can't wait to be a speech pathologist!!

3. Cheddar Rice Cake Cracker Things
Yeah I could eat them all day, so at least they are somewhat healthy!

4. Buying Michael Clothes
For those that have known me for quite some time, I'm quite the clothes hoarder. So now that I have someone else to buy for its kind of nice :) & he looks good in everything so its fun to shop for him!

5. H.I.I.T
No I'm not obsessed with hitting, it stands for High Intensive Interval Training. For those of you who have heard of cross fit its the same thing. Except its at Idaho Athletic and is alot cheaper!! I love it and I always feel like im dying while I'm there but after it feels so good. I can't wait to continue this and see the changes in my body!

6. Whey Protein Powder
Ok you guys you really have to get some! You can get a huge thing of it at costco and it doesnt taste icky like all the other protein stuff I'm sure you've tried... I love it and I make protein shakes daily now!

7. Used Clothing Stores
Umm yeah I'm married and broke right now, so these places have become my best friends. I love being able to sell the clothes I don't like or don't where anymore and get new ones for cheap! My favorite place to search lately is Runway Fashion Exchange, its really clean there, doesnt smell weird and they will give you more back when you sell if you choose store credit. 

8. BB cream
I've been trying to get away from wearing makeup on my face besides mascara so I found this BB cream at sephora which is basically just a moisturizer you put on your face that has something in it that evens out your coloring on your face. So if your a little blotchy but don't have too much trouble with acne you should try it! It feels and looks like your wearing nothing! I kinda love it :)