Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This whole new married life stuff

The Closet!

The Married Life

Honestly it doesn't feel like that big of a change for me being married and all. Michael and I spent practically everyday together from the moment we met so it's not that much different now, except for the fact I have half of a closet to fit all my clothes in. That's probably the hardest part ;) Haha but no really being married to Michael is the greatest decision I have made thus far. We balance each other out and let me tell you Heavenly Father couldn't have picked a better match for me. Not only that but I got really lucky I think Michael was brainwashed as a little child by his father that the man in the family is supposed to do absolutely everything because michael cooks, cleans, the whole nine yards its awesome!! We love watching lots of movies together and playing with our puppy Kya. Michael is currently working at Citi Bank in their call center he doesn't really love it but it pays well and provides us with good benefits so I'm very appreciative of Citi Bank and his employment there! Michael will begin school this Fall at CWI working towards getting all of his undergrad studies for the pharmacy program taken care of. After two and a half years there (were thinking that it will take about that long) he is planning on applying for the pharmacy program at Idaho State University.  I'm currently a developmental therapist working with the most AWESOME, CUTEST, & COOLEST kiddos in the treasure valley who have special needs. I work in the school with my favorite little girl during the day and work with other awesome kids after school in the community. In the fall I will be finishing my bachelors degree through Idaho State University-Meridian where I am able to get a bachelors in Communication Disorders. I have two years left and then will be starting grad school through ISU to finally become a speech language pathologist. But Besides that, this is our life we are excited to get it started together and go after our dreams and start our family somewhere in between! Your Prayers to make all this successfully happen are definitely appreciated!

A Bonfire and Picnic Michael Set up outside Our House With
Our Bonfire Pit We Bought with some Wedding Money!
We Love It :) 
We Kinda Love Her A Lot