Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mr & Mrs

Despite being sick with a fever and a cold the wedding planning seemed fairly easy. But what you need to know is my mom was my wedding planner, she did so much for me since I was sick. But the truth is she would have anyways cause she's the best :) Friday morning we had brunch with a bunch of my family that was in town at a cute little cafe downtown. From there it was go time! We decorated the clubhouse All day and had people cooking up the pulled pork in the kitchen all day Friday as well. We were so blessed to be able to have the clubhouse Friday as well as Saturday or I don't know how we would have got it all done! Friday night we had our rehearsal for the ring ceremony which is where it all began to hit me that the next day I was getting married!
Saturday came quicker than I could have ever imagined. Saturday morning my mom and I headed to Sephora so I could get my makeup done. From there we went to the clubhouse and did my hair in the bridal room. My brothers girlfriend Corinne helped me do my hair, she's the greatest! After hair and makeup it was time to go to the temple :) We picked up Erin and my mom dropped me off at the front doors of the temple where shortly after I would be married!!!
My temple wedding was incredible but most of all it was the most spiritual moment I've ever had. As I sat In the sealing room with Michael it all hit me. I thought about everything that had to happen to get me right there in that moment. And I desperately fought happy tears as I thought about all of this and looked over to my left and saw Jennifer Pugh who was a huge blessing to me when I chose to be baptized two years prior. As I sat there I thought about my baptism and all the decisions I had made these past two years that led me to finding Michael and choosing to be married and sealed in the LDS temple. I was so happy all my choices had led me to this perfect little white bench that I now sat with my husband. Luckily I was pretty successful at holding back my tears of happiness so my makeup could still be Smudgeless for the pictures ;) However once the sealing was over and all our wonderful friends and family lined up to hug us I began to get emotional over the fact that my family wasn't there. But I know for a fact that my Heavenly Father knew I would struggle with this because as I walked to the waiting room of the temple where my family was waiting the first person I saw was my mom and as I expected to find her super emotional she was smiling from ear to ear waiting for my arrival and that did it for me. Knowing she was okay completely changed my attitude and made the day even more perfect. I have the best parents I really do! In the waiting room bathroom my mom helped me change Into my wedding dress. Michael and I then walked out of the temple surrounded by all our loved ones. And then we took pictures... Lots and lots of pictures! I included some from the temple below :) & Next I will update you on the ring ceremony, the reception & the honeymoon!