Monday, April 22, 2013

Ring Ceremony & Reception

The ring ceremony was held at the Boise Police Clubhouse it was perfect :) As an LDS convert At the age of 19; growing up I always dreamed of a wedding where my dad would walk me down the isle where I would be surrounded by family and friends. Including bridesmaids and flower girls and the whole sha-bang! The ring ceremony gave me this and I'm so glad we did it. :) It was even more special because my grandpa got to conduct our ring ceremony!
The reception was right after the ring ceremony at the clubhouse. It was so great to be able to visit and give hugs to all the people that came to support us! My mom also surprised us with a photoblog she had rented for our wedding which everyone really seemed to enjoy! We got photos of all the photo booth photos in an album which was so fun to see and a great reminder we will always have of who was at our wedding! My family slaved away in the kitchen making pulled pork and other yummy for the guests. Our cake turned out so cute with the bride and groom dachshund cake toppers I surprised Michael with :) My least favorite part of the night was probably the first dance. Although I love dancing slow dancing is not my thing and super embarrassing when doing it in front of so many people! It also didn't help that the way my dress was cut it was super hard to lift my arms up which made it interesting. But besides all my complaining Michael and I shared our first dance to Jack Johnson's song better together, it just fits Michael and I, it was cute! After that Michael shared a dance with his mom as I did with my dad to Rascal Flatts My Wish, I just love that song :) I was so happy with how everything turned out and an extra thanks to all my family who made it all happen!