Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Addicted to Laughter

Dear Michael,
The first day I met you we sat next to each other at the very far table all the way against the wall at Merrit's cafe. I didn't know much about you except that you really liked Duke (you were decked out head to toe from your recent trip there) and that you were very loud, a jokester, & that you were getting along really well with my brother (that scared me by the way) who sat across from us. We were visiting with a bunch of mutual friends who had all decided to go to Merrit's that night over Thanksgiving Break.  That night I was really tired and didn't talk much. Just listened to you talk to Taylor about basketball and joke with my brother (very LOuDLY) about anything and everything. I thought you were funny but decided not to say a word because you were quick with your humor and I was scared you were going to say some smartalic remark that would upset my overall tired, sensitive, insecure mood at the time. What I didn't know is that I was sitting next to the man I was going to marry. But the reason I'm writing this letter is years from now when we get so wrapped up in raising our kids, paying the bills, and cleaning absolutely everything (oh wait we already do that), I want you to remember that your humor is the number one thing that gets me through the long days and I have enjoyed your humor since the first day I met you. Even when I was really tired and didn't want to talk to anyone that day in Merrit's I could have sat there all night and listened to you joke around with everyone. I'm so glad that our kids will get to have a dad who will always keep them laughing and a dad who will always keep everyone smiling. But most of all, I'm just really glad my life will never be dull and that even when our kids grow old and we get to retire and spend everyday together again like we did when we first started dating, I'm so glad that my days will be full of laughter. Never stop being your goofy self, even when I'm tired and cranky and stressed, and even when I tell you to stop tickling me or poking me or trying to make me laugh, NEVER stop because eventually my stubborn grumpy self gives in and I smile and I laugh, and it's always because of you.
Love You!!


P.s. anyone else who reads this if your this person in your relationships with those around you, don't stop, keep people laughing and smiling!! And if your me, find yourself someone who will do this for you, it makes the most stressful, longest days bearable and maybe even sometimes it will turn them completely around! :)