Friday, November 29, 2013

Our life through my iphone pictures...

Alright so this one wasn't from my iphone, but I had to include it :)
 Family picture by the one & only (AWESOME) Erin D. Photography

 Get ready for a billion pictures of Kya, 
cause she takes up about 50% of my iphoto library haha

 Our Little Family :)

 My attempt at decorating, someone help me!

 But really... lots of pictures of Kya

 Bike Rides with Mikey :)

 They send me pictures when I'm not home...
We're kinda inseparable 

 Those EYES

 Rockies Diner Date Night, 
Thank you for the awesome deal!

 Me Want Treats

 Our Poor Squinty Eyed Children...

 Yup he makes me happy :)

 Yeah we don't know these people...
But we vote for them on X-factor 
because they're awesome!!
Go look up Alex & Sierra

 Mom and I attempting to be crafty... 
We were proud of ourselves

 My miniature tree for my miniature house :)

 Thank you target $1 section <3

 & Target Clearance for our new bedspread

 BSU basketball game!!

 Good morning Kya Boo

 My early christmas present from Michael,
we are REALLY bad at surprises 
we just get so excited!!

 Kya decided to try on Michael's glasses...
Ok ok Michael made her do it.

 She likes to pose... especially if you have a treat
imagine that

 Sometimes she likes to bury herself in our clothes
& then pop out looking like "the virgin mary" as michael called it ha
 On thanksgiving we took all three of the dogs for a walk :)
Left to Right: My parents Viesla named Ceadar, Our little Kya, 
& my parents new golden irish puppy named Callie

 Every Sequence of pictures ends like this with us... haha

 Festival of Trees was so awesome yet again this year!
My favorite two trees were the two pictured above and below!
Minions, finding nemo & toy story 
(the tree was called our children's favorite movies)
& Then the one below was the willy wonka tree, 
it was pretty incredible
Oh and the very bottom one was made out of skis,
I thought it was clever!

& Lastly a picture of Kya sleeping, which is what I should now be doing...

Not to much has changed around here, 
just work and school for the two of us 
so not much to report, 
but pictures are always fun :)

Until Next Time,
The McBrides