Wednesday, October 2, 2013


It's been awhile since my last blog post so I figured I better post about what we've been up to lately...

Well for starters our life is now centered on school and work. It's pretty hectic but when you think about it it's only such a small part of our lives. It may be going by slow now, but I know it is so worth it. I am so grateful for the passion I have for my field of study and my future career. 

That ladies and gentlemen says "I love speech pathology" written in the phonetic alphabet. Studying and school is a huge part of my life right now, but let me tell you studying is not half as bad when you love and thrive off what you're learning! It's so challenging but so interesting to me! 

Besides school Michael and I are just enjoying spending any extra time we have together. We love watching movies, playing with kya and going for bike rides. 

Our weekends consist of doing hw and watching movies on Friday. Hanging out with our friends on Saturdays. Going to my indoor soccer games Saturday nights and going to church and spending time with family on Sundays. The weekends are just never long enough! 

Something exciting that happened this past week was the welcoming of the newest member to my parents family! 

Meet Callie: 

She's adorable!! She is a golden retriever and Irish setter mix. Kya and her met for the first time a couple days ago it was pretty cute. Kya of course tried to take over Callie's bed as well... It was pretty funny. 

They played for about three hours straight chasing each other around my parents house and then they both passed out... Haha 

This weekend is Michael's birthday (although we have been celebrating it for over a week now)- last Sunday we celebrated it at his parents house. Andi and I found a recipe for a dr.pepper flavored cake and then preceded to decorate it with his favorite basketball team: duke! 

This weekend we will be headed down to general conference in Utah. We have decided to make this somewhat of a tradition for michaels birthday. We love visiting his sweet grandparents! I can't wait, I think we both really need a vacation! And I am so excited for general conference, I always feel so great and get excited to start working on the new things I learn about myself and the personal revelation I receive from each individual talk at conference! 

Well that's all for now.
Love you guys!