Tuesday, February 5, 2013

& It all begins

I decided I need to be like all you other married people and start a blog of this new journey I'm about to undertake. So here goes nothing. I apologize in advance for any spelling errors, sappy posts about how much I love my soon to be husband, and all my posts that may not be very exciting to you. It's my life, I hope you enjoy it & if you dont... well at least I helped you find a way to waste away a couple minutes of your day :) 

I guess I will start by catching you all up:
i know its crazy... im still taking it all in
MY VICTIM: michael brent mcbride
& Let Me Tell You, I Scored Big Time! 

Although I'm a tad embarrassed to reveal where I met this fine lad, our journey began around thanksgiving in the year 2011. We had mutual friends who convinced us both as well as about ten others to have a night out of bowling and then... drumroll please... MERRITTS. For those of you who are fortunate enough to not know what or where Merritts is I provided a picture of this hole in the wall country cafe down below. They are famous for scones. Have I ever had one of these scones you ask? Yes im guilty. They are good I guess, if you can get around the fact they are covered in a pound of butter and sugar and are definitely no where near good for you, then yes they're good. Since Michael was too cool to meet us for bowling, this lovely-famous-scone-hole-in-the-wall-country-cafe is where I met my husband for the first time. 

& you thought I was kidding.

After about four months I accidentally added Michael on Facebook. Yes accidentally is the key word here. I really wasn't interested in him and thought he was still dating someone else. Which is why I was surprised to see a friend request from him or so I thought. Facebook had this new way of tricking you by putting people you may know under your friend requests. And so after "accepting" like ten different peoples friend requests I realized that I truly was not this popular and I was actually requesting to be all these wonderful peoples friends. 

Well thank you facebook because for the next week michael would not leave me alone. I got a facebook IM everytime I logged on from him and apparently I didn't get on facebook enough so he then started requesting to play me at a game called words with friends. After many games of words with friends (that I may or may not have cheated on), and then another game we decided to play called draw something he finally got the guts to call me. We talked on the phone for about two hours give or take. That was the first time I found out that michael was a chatterbox. Within about a half hour I had been told his whole life story and much much more. & I guess I liked it cause I then agreed to hangout with him.

Our first date consisted of dutch bros, mario cart & yeah more mario cart. 

So between greasy scones, social networking, & mario cart I discovered my husband.