Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Best Scavenger Hunt Ever!

My day started at my favorite little boy's dinosaur birthday bash! Afterwards I was planning on meeting one of my best friends from high school for dinner at PF Changs. However I soon found out I would be going everywhere downtown but inside that restaurant. Emily and I showed up at PF Changs and to my surprise we were greeted by Michael's best friend Austin & his wifey Hannah. Their message for me was that my reservations had been cancelled and I was to go to the place that my brother skates. Besides the fact that it took me a moment to figure out why they were there in the first place and how they knew about my reservation with Emily, I very quickly realized what was going on and immediately grabbed onto Emily, I was in shock. I really didnt know what to do I was so excited but also super nervous! A bunch of our friends gave me clues after clues sending me on a scavneger hunt that ended at the capital building, where I was surrounded by a bunch of our family and friends & in the middle was Michael :) As you probably guessed he popped the question! I could barely get out the words yes because I was so excited so he asked me once more are you sure? & Now that I can reflect on this moment and have the ability to speak clearly... I could not be more sure I'm so excited to be Mikey's wifey!! Let the Wedding Planning Begin