Sunday, August 11, 2013

Michael Brent McBride

So I should apologize ahead of time...
because this is going to get sappy, cheesy, & lovey dovey real fast!
So if you're not into that you should bail now! 

This right here is my best friend, my sidekick, my soulmate.

Here's  (only) 10 of the (many) reasons why he's so great & i'm so lucky
1. Michael is the most hardworking person I know,
besides his father... they are probably tied ;) 
(he had to learn it from someone)

2. Michael never lets any little thing I do go unnoticed, 
I am always appreciated. ALWAYS. He's so great

3. No matter my day, mood, or menstrual cycle status 
my man can make me laugh AND smile 

4. Michael is the most real & honest person I know
you always know what he's thinking and how he feels
he will always tell you how it is

5. Michael has the most awesome laugh!!!
like seriously you don't even know
& the best part is he thinks everything's funny
so you get to hear it all the time

6. Michael loves me EXACTLY how I am.
He's the first man I've ever met that loves me as much as I love him
we are sealed together forever
& we both take that really seriously
there's no one else we'd rather be with
& there's no other way we'd have it
TOGETHER, is how we like to be

7. Michael is the best COOK & Baker ! 
Yes he cooks... I know it's great, I scored

8. Michael would do anything for those that he loves. 
He is so selfless. 

9. If you know Michael like I do, you have probably already come to find...
 that he is ALWAYS right.
& I'm not saying Michael thinks he's always right, he seriously is always right.
The guy is ridiculously smart, and is good at almost everything he tries.
I love this, however I need to learn to listen to him more... 
My life would be a lot easier and I would waste a lot less time lol

10. I love Michael because he is my best friend. 
We can spend all day every day together and it never gets old. 
There is no one else I would rather spend forever with.

Today I have felt overwhelmed with gratitude for my husband.
& I just had to share my thoughts with ya'll
thanks for reading :)