Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Family Traditions

As of three months ago I have started my own family with Michael as you all know. I'm so excited to have a family of our own someday! But I'm even more excited to start our own family traditions. Between my family and Michael's I have put a list together of the traditions I've heard from our families and friends that I really like and want to do with my own family. There's quite a lot but at least I have options. Had to share them with the rest of you :)

General Traditions
Birthdays- Choose your favorite meal and dessert
No one can go to bed until they tell each family member I love you
Scripture Study as a family every sunday night
Monday Night-Family Home Evening/ Game Night
Saturday's are dads day to make breakfast with the kids
Day Before Going Back To School: family party with yummy food, goals for the school year & fathers blessings

Thanksgiving Traditions
Thanksgiving Morning: As a family participate in the Idaho Food Bank Turkey Run
Send out Thanksgiving Cards (instead of Christmas Cards)
who has money during christmas time to send them out during christmas anyways!
& what a great opportunity to tell all your family and friends how thankful you are for them!
Help Serve food at a homeless shelter as a family, or invite those who dont have a place or family to come over for dinner.

Christmas Traditions
Draw names in your immediate family to make homemade gifts for each other.
Tree decorating party (immediate family) with good food, & christmas music & together as a family make an ornament that represents the previous year
Act out the christmas story with extended family
Christmas Eve- new pajamas every year
Day Before Christmas Eve Go To The Temple Together
or Trip to temple square week of christmas or new years eve!

New Years Traditions
go to temple square as a family
go visit those in the hospital and bring them cards wishing them a better healthier year

Valentines Day
make valentines day cards for your grandmas

easter baskets with only church related gifts (and candy of course!)

4th of July
brunch at michaels parents house
go on a hike together as an immediate family and have a picnic at the top while watching fireworks