Monday, July 8, 2013

The Land of The Free

Happy Day America! 
Our Fourth of July started with Michael and I sleeping in for once, it was so great! 
Then we went to Michael's parents house for their annual Crepe Brunch
(they explain this by saying that since the French were our allies we have to celebrate them to?
works for me, I love crepes!) 
I had such a good time as usual, it was a packed house.
Andi brought her friend Wayne whom we all got to meet!
Erin, Jacob & their kiddos were there, as well as my mom came which was such a special treat.
I love when Michael and I's families come together it gives me a little glimpse of what heaven might be like :) I'm so blessed to now belong to TWO amazing families!
After brunch at the McBride's I went shopping with my mom at this sweet dollar store I found a few weeks prior!
The Dollar Tree off of Eagle and Fairview has everything you can imagine!
But the greatest thing it has is cheap greeting cards.
Who wants to pay five dollars for cards that people just throw a way when you can spend $1!
They have a great selection too, I understand this is something quite silly to get excited over,
but I love finding ways to save money now that I'm a broke married woman!
So after my mom and I loaded up on greeting cards, we went gift shopping for my little cousins birthday and then finally my mom brought me back to Michael :)
After about an hour away from him, (especially on the only day I really get to spend with him cause we both have saturdays off) I get Mikey withdrawals very quickly! 
From there Michael and I went home and made holiday sugar cookies with blue frosting and red sprinkles.
We brought them over to my aunts Fourth of July party and they must have been good because everyone devoured them quite quickly!

Now to my favorite part of the day-->
My dad's best friend from High School who now lives in California asked a favor of my Dad.
It was his mother's 75th birthday and she loved fireworks and her husband had to work and none of her kids lived in Boise anymore.
So he asked my dad if he could go do a firework show for her. 
So Michael and I decided to join my dad and my brother & Corinne to entertain what we thought was just one cute old lady.
But as we got their we found out that she had invited almost all the cute little old people in her neighborhood.
Literally within ten minutes everyone came out from their houses in this cute little retirement community, with lawn chairs in hand to watch my dad's firework show.
It was so cute and so humbling to watch how excited they would get over the littlest spark. 
It made me so happy :) 
Why is it that little kids and the elderly enjoy life so much more than the rest of us? 
Why can't we appreciate and be happy over the smallest things like them?
This what was on my mind as I watched all of their faces light up with joy over the simplest things.
My new goal: Find the Joy in EVERYTHING... before I get old.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Egland, it was so fun celebrating with you!

Hope everyone had a great fourth!