Saturday, July 13, 2013

Oh How I Live For SATURDAYS!

One thing I am so blessed to have
are amazing grandparents -- 
who have a gorgeous house -- 
on lots of beautiful land -- 
& they let us all use it whenever we please its the greatest :)
Michael & I have made it a weekly tradition that every saturday we go swim,
especially if its hot!
I'm really going to miss this once summers over, but for now I am thoroughly enjoying it.
Here are some pics with my handy dandy underwater camera from today -->

Kya in her intertube we created for her to float around with us :)

Michael always catches me at my best!

sinking slowly but surely

planking at the bottom of the pool

our waterproof Nixons... were obsessed

Kya was sick of the intertube... haha

I love him, he's so cute

we prefer pretending to eat each other, no kissing thats gross

warn out kya boo after a long day in the sun!

Until Next Saturday :)